Most Ancient Union Grand Court Heroines of Jericho, Florida Jurisdiction, P.H.A.

Her. Estella Wade-Edwards, Most Ancient Grand Matron

Get Ready for the Next Chapter, Renewing our Commitment to the Heroines of Jericho

"I've got a seed in the ground, and God is leaning in my direction"

Greetings, Welcome to the official website of the Most Ancient Union Grand Court, Heroines of Jericho (HOJ), Florida Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliated (P.H.A.). On this site you can learn about our history, submit prayer / announcements requests, and much more. In additon, our resources area contains all the latest materials required for subordinate courts. Stay tuned because we are taking this Grand Court to a higher level. On behalf of the 18th Most Ancient Grand Matron Estella Wade-Edwards, 19th Most Worthy Grand Joshua Michael Bellamy, Past Most Ancient Grand Matrons, Past Most Worthy Grand Joshua's, Elected and Appointed Officers thank you for visiting our site.