MAUGCHOJ-FL | Court of Sorrow

Court of Sorrow

Daughters of Light Court #177

In memory of our departed sister PMAM, Heroine Maurice McCray (Grand CBA Treasurer). For many years she represented Florida at our General Grand Conference. She will always be remembered by those who loved her: Honorable Walter Gulley Jr., Grand Master, MAGM Douglas, Deputy Grand Matron Estella Edwards, Past Most Ancient Grand Matron Patricia Stafford, MAM Judy Granger and her members.

Henrietta Court #26

In memory of our departed sister Heroine Edna Walker. Her. Walker was 104 years old and the oldest member of Henrietta Court #26. Thank you PMAM Dannette Stevenson, PMAM LaVerne Simmons, and Her. Nellie Cooper for your dedication to Sisterhood! What a joy it is to be a Heroine and Bonded by the Scarlet cord!