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Expressions of Love from the Jurisdiction
Valentine's Day 2021

♥ Love Letters ♥

From: Most Ancient Grand Matron Vernell Douglas
To: My Husband Fred
Often times I don't get to express my love as much as I should. I may do it with a smile or with gift or even with a small deed. I now have the opportunity to say to Fred (hubby) openly how much I love you, not just because he buys me gifts all the time (He doesn't). Not because he takes me to dinner three or four times in a week (He doesn't). Not because he gives me red roses for every holiday (He doesn't), but because he cares enough for me to say "I am here for you through thick and thin and I love you for the loving and compassionate person you are!" Well, Fred my love for you grows deep each day. No one will put up with me like you and going to dinner at least once a month is alright with me :-) I love you sweetheart.

To: Estella and Marcus
It was nobody but God who put us together. I cannot say how much I love you two. You have made my work as MAGM easier in so many ways. I love the camaraderie we have; I love the understanding and compassion we have for each other. I will forever love you two.

To: My Grand Line and District Deputies
There are none like any of you. I love you all with all my heart.

To: My son Keith and my great grandson Travis
You are the loves of my life. I love you guys to the moon!

From: DDMAM Renee Hutchinson
To: MAGM Vernell Douglas and MWGJ Marcus Brinson
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try! You both surpass trying and accomplished greatness! Thank you for your superb Leadership. Love you both.

To: DGAM Estelle Edward
Your sound advice and profound wisdom has given us an enormous foundation. It was hard work, but Mama Dep kept us on Task! Thank you for your magnificent leadership! Love Always “The Commission”. Renee, Michandra, and Terry!

To: MAUGC Elected and Appointed Officers
Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Because of you, we are the Greatest! Godspeed in all your endeavors.

To: District 14 & 18
Every great accomplishment was believed to be impossible through this pandemic. But, District 14 & 18 stayed on task and made the impossible a success! Congratulations on exceeding your Goals! Thank you District 14 & 18 for your continued Support! Love you to the moon and back, from your Leadership Team DDMAM Renee Hutchinson, DDAMAGM Michandra Williams, and Grand Chaplin Hero. Terry Scott!

To: MAM Ashley Hutchinson
before my eyes you have quickly blossomed into this immaculate young lady. God granted me everything, I could dream of in you My Daughter! I’m so overjoyed at all your accomplishments. I love you Beyond Measure, Mommy!

To: The Commission
ADDMAM Michandra Williams and District MWJ thank you for your endless support! Your exceptional work for our district is to be commended! Love you both.

From: PMAM Paula Roberts - Venus Court
To: Venus Court
I hope this Valentine's Day you know how much I admire your strength and the way you share your love in your own wonderfully unique way. I'm hoping you know how much you mean to me and how many good things you have added to my life and those in our community.

From: MAM Brenda Martin
To: MAUGC & My Family
I would like to send expressions of love to our 17th Grand Most Ancient Matron, Vernell B. Douglass for giving us the opportunity to Express our love for each other on this Special day, love to Grand District Deputy, Estella Edward's, love to our Deputy Renee Hutchinson, love to my son Carlos Martin and family, love to Marshalle Jones and Zion, love to Reggie and Ciara Martin and great grands, love to my sister, brothers, neices and nephews and my cousins, love to my extended family. May God continue to bless us to spread love to one another each day. I love you all.