Letter From Our Most Ancient Grand Matron

MAGM Edwards

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Home of the Most Ancient Union Grand Court

Heroines of Jericho P.H.A. I love the Lord more than I can say, "For wherever you go, I will go and wherever you lodge, I will lodge". We the 18th Most Ancient Grand Matron, Estella Wade-Edwards and the 19th Most Worthy Grand Joshua, Michael Bellamy would like to thank this Grand Court for entrusting us as your elected officers. As I lead Heroines to higher plains, I will successfully do it with the assistance and 100% support of our elected / appointed officers and every subordinate member. We are persuaded to forget those things which are behind and reach for our own destiny which lies before us.
"Thus says the Lord of host: If you will walk in my ways and if you will keep my commandment, then you shall also judge my house, and likewise have charge of my courts; I will give you places to walk among these who stand there" - Zechariah 3:7. The only entity that can stop me from fulfilling my vision that God has given me for this Grand Court, would be fear forces outside of us, which will work against us. With God all things, not some, but all things are possible. My goals/objectives involves preserving the ritualistic excellence, love, peace, harmony, and awareness of every subordinate court which constitutes the Grand Court of Heroines; to resume a working relationship between the Heroines and Holy Royal Arch Masons, retain our "platinum" members who have paved the road for us, exemplify continuity in sisterhood with other auxiliaries across this jurisdiction and around the globe, reclaim those who started out with us but did not finish the course, recruit Christian minded young women who are wanting to be a member of an organization that gives back to the community and assist those who are in distress.
We stand on the landmark of Masonry as we work together with the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Enoch Mobley and our companions of HRAM. The children, our Royal G.E.M.S. are the primary focus of this administration, giving them words of wisdom. Teaching them how to conquer their fears and strive for excellence while we educate them on the history of Heroines of Jericho and prepare them for their future. God is leaning in our direction. May God continue to bless us his children

Yours in the bond of the Scarlet Cords,

Heroine Estella Wade-Edwards
18th Most Ancient Grand Matron